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Driving In Reverse: Getting Your Start-Up Backwards

In this article, CFSG discuss one of the most common start-up pitfalls - developing a business in a vacuum. We look at what it means, how it happens and how it can be avoided. Read More

Start-Up Disruption: Are You Just Disrupting Yourself?

CFSG's Eden Rose discusses the ongoing fascination with disruption amongst start-ups and why true disruption is so difficult to achieve. Read More

Why Taking On A Value-Add Investor Isn't For Everyone.

As start-up advisers and investors, a common claim that we hear from founders seeking investment is that they are looking for ‘smart’ money. What they typically mean is that they want an investor who can not only tip in cash but who can also add value to the business. Read More

How To Decide On How Much Capital To Raise For A Start-Up.

A key question any start-up contemplating a capital raising needs to answer is just how much capital it should raise. In our experience, a founder seeking advice on this topic is likely to receive one of at least two cliched responses. Read More

Why The Royal Commission Is Good News For Startups

CFSG Associate Director, Jason Rose, takes a close look at the recent Royal Commission into the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Sector and its implications for Australian startups. This article appeared in smartcompany.com.au on February 22, 2019.  Read More

A Business Idea Without A Growth Marketing Strategy Is Just An Idea

For most start-ups or early-stage companies simply having a great business idea is not enough. Those that succeed typically have a growth marketing strategy every bit as brilliant as their product. Read More

Seed-Stage Capital Raising: Why You Should Keep The Deal Simple

In this article, CFSG's Jason Rose discusses some of the key issues around raising seed capital. The article appeared in smartcompany.com.au on February 7, 2019. Read More

Buzz Cut: Buzzfeed's Global Round Of Redundancies

CFSG corporate advisor and investor Jason Rose asks whether Buzzfeed's woes could have been predicted, and what it all means for the future of journalism. This article appeared in mumbrella.com.au on February 1, 2019. Read More

The Valuation Outlook For The Aged Care Industry

The following article is an in-depth analysis of the impact of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety on the profitability and value of privately-owned providers. On September 16, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the government had decided to establish a Royal Commission into the residential aged care sector. T... Read More

The Demise Of RCR Tomlinson: A Case Study By Concept Financial Services Group

The recent collapse into voluntary administration of one of Australia’s oldest engineering companies, RCR Tomlinson, left many high-profile investors and market observers perplexed and angry. These reactions were unsurprising given that the company’s demise occurred only two months after a successful $100.0m capital raising. Investors suc... Read More

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